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 The Musician's Dorm (Elyx)

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Elyx Reiaki


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PostSubject: The Musician's Dorm (Elyx)   Sun Apr 19, 2015 9:08 pm

If you were to enter the owners dorm, you would see that thee aree many music sheets on the ground, most of them unfinished, the others finished but not organized yet. Every step you take crumples the papers below your feet, and he will tell you that it is all right and he has yet to clean. Unfortunately, though he has made planning days for it, he never actually will ever clean the papers on the ground. surprisingly though, he is able to avoid the chocolate bar wrappers being placed on the ground. This dorm is as small as any other dorm, but he plans to make it bigger eventually once he gets the grades needed to do so. His room has a light scent of chocolate inside, the lighting is bright, and very often he will be playing Dubstep music inside of it. Even while he is sleeping. There are two bathrooms inside, one of them being in the master room where Elyx resides, that one being the one he never lets anyone else use, and one in the hallways after the guests walk past the living room. He has a small 40in Flatscreen currently and a three seated couch as well.
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The Musician's Dorm (Elyx)
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