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 Elyx Reiaki

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Elyx Reiaki


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PostSubject: Elyx Reiaki   Thu Apr 16, 2015 9:26 pm

Elyx Reiaki

General Information:

Name:Elyx Reiaki
Nickname/s: N/A
Age: 17
Sexuality: Heterosexual (Straight)
Birthday: 12/30
Special Characteristics:After his death, all memories have been wiped out from his mind. There are small triggers in his mind that can help him remember his past, but they are currently not able to get in his reach. Elyx has no idea how he was like before his death, nor does he know he is actually dead in the first place.

Death: He was shot twice, from there, every other bullet was to check if he was dead. There was a bounty on this boys life, he being the son of Jai Reiaki, known to have many enemies in the banking business. Elyx was walking home from school, Physical Education being his last period, so he was tired. The old version of him loved to carry a 2 mm Kolibri pistol. While walking through the forest, a man was stalking the violinist. To calm himself down, Elyx wore headphones and listened to loud Dubstep music, specifically an Artist with the acronym N.L.J. The specifics of the man are unknown, just a cap with no DNA traces left. This mysterious man came up from behind the unsuspecting victim and fought for the backpack. This man must have been watching Elyx for a while, he knew that the boy had a gun in his backpack (He knows this is illegal in many schools, but he does it anyways). The boy tried to fight, but he was not strong enough to actually land any critical hits. The man finally found the weapon that he wanted and pointed it at the boy, causing Elyx to put his hands up in the air, surrendering. The boy could see the mans lips move a few times before the gun was shot one time at the stomach to torture the boy. The second shot was aimed at the head, leaving the violinist to lie on the ground, but the body was confiscated by the police thirty minutes later.

Personality: Loving to the world while he has his music with him. Even without it though, if the world is being nice to him, he will flash his smile right back at it. Elyx is a character who loves to love people, and if they give him a chance, he will give them his best personality. His sort of kindness is unconditional, and though his hate is conditional, he can easily hate someone as easily as he can love someone. All they have to do is be sarcastic towards him, then this character might use some really offensive comments on everything about them. He doesn't care how badly it would offend them, he would even make fun of the dead just to get his message across. However, even though this may happen, if they treat him nicely afterwards, he is easy to forgive and will treat them like any other person. He is a huge fan of sweets, chocolate being his favorite treat to eat, whether it came from plants (which is actually quite bitter) or if sweetened like milk chocolate. This addiction can be used to swoon him over easily, his is like a moth and a burning fire is right in front of him. He loves to have fun, take risks, do dangerous things, and go on adventures as well if they interest him well enough and he gets a good reward in the end. His love for music is something that isn't too had to pick up once he plays his Violin, the biggest fan of Violin techno and classical songs. This gives him peace of mind almost every time he meets someone, despite their personality being good or bad. There are so few things that can tick him off while outside of battle.

However, he is currently lonely since he does not know how to talk to anyone and become friends with them. Due to his memory loss, there is no way he can actually talk to people the way he used to. He tends to just play the violin and pretend each note is a different voice that was speaking to him. Rarely this happens,  but anyone will notice that sometimes he is a little it odd and strange due to the fact that he is like a child. Since he woke up with memory loss, it was like he is born into the world yet again.

Now as for him in battle, he is always looking out for his allies and is willing to put his life on the line to make sure everyone evacuates safely. However, whenever anyone is in battle, they tend to get angry since it is hate that fuel a battle, (Some can be fun battles, but let's say in general)  and that hate can get to Elyx as well. To a certain point he will fight with the usual grin he keeps on his face. And then that point will be met, and Elyx will be someone new. When he is a leader while his limit is broken, all his targeting will be set towards the enemy that caused his anger, and will break up the original tactic to rid the world of that target. As a regular fighter, he will actually ignore any commands from his leaders (I understand this can get him in trouble) and follow his own to eliminate his target. To sum it up, when he is angered in battle, ALL innocence in him is lost and he will do anything to kill his opponents, not just hurt them, but just simply kill them without any hesitation or warning, and he will step on whoever he needed to so that his goal is fulfilled. As a leader when he isn't angered, he will actually remain firm to his choices and will not act relaxed or nice as he usually does. Everything he would do would only benefit for his team, even if it makes him unhappy.

*Insanity: This will apply when he isn't a leader. When he is a leader, he will slowly begin to break down, but he won't steer his team elsewhere. Now is someone on his side that he cherished so much dies, he will stop at nothing to kill the perpetrator. Now, the different thing is, he is willing to sacrifice some of his teammates lives. And for the smallest reasons, for example he will stab someone for their weapon.

Likes:-Chocolate: Any sweets will do, but Elyx is a sucker for chocolates. He can be manipulated easily when you give him a piece of chocolate. Raid, Bounty, Recon, no money is needed as long as you pay him the appropriate amount of sweets.

-Music: Almost every genre of music entertains him and soothes him. There is even a Violin with him, and he uses it very often. Two stones of Rosin have been used and is currently on the fourth (Violin Rosin can last for YEARS). Not as good when it comes to convincing Elyx since he can create his own.

-People: Just bout anyone he would say hi to, even if they were strangers or even his rivals. Despite the fact that he has gone through a lot of troubles with people, he still has hope when it comes to people. He desperately wants to trust people, and will always try his best to gain their trust.

Dislikes:-Swimming: There is a terrible dislike to water due to a bad Childhood memory. He will avoid swimming at all costs.

-Sour items: He loves sweets, and hates the sours. Love sweets to the point in which he could cry, hates sours to the point in which he will curse you out.

-Threats to the loved: Anything threatening the people he loves, he will no longer show that nice persona he has. Not exactly angered, but he will be worried. When the loved ones take a hit, that's when Elyx is angered.

Motivations: -Violin: He may like music, but only the Violin can make him feel upbeat and give him hope. It can be anyone played the violin for him, he would be even more upbeat and happy.

- His team: To see anyone trying so hard in battle, that will fuel his fighting abilities and will only push himself further, no matter how hopeless the battle seems. If anyone cheers him on, he will always stand up (When possible) no matter how badly beaten he is.

-Chocolate: The bribery of sweets, he will do ANYTHING for a nice snack that sweet. Theft, Con-artist, Murder, anything he will do or be for a good amount of sweets.

Fears: -His Past: Like any cliche character, he has a rather dark kind of past. How he accepts it is rather different though. This is because he wants to forget it, but there are many mental scars on him that tend to hold him down. Anything from behind will make him stutter and almost faint. And if someone ever found out about anything about his past...

-Death: There was a motto to this. There is nothing to fear but fear itself, and this is the same for death. It is the fear of death that fuels Elyxs hate for threats.

-Swimming:  Water, one thing he can't stand is water. Swimming always made him want to faint, due to a terrible childhood memory of him almost drowning when a few twigs underwater gripped his foot, causing him to almost drown

Characters Appearance:

Height: 5'9
Weight: 120 lb
Hair color & Style: His air style is rather flattened in the front with with his spikes increasing as his hair goes back. Elyx likes to wear jeans and a short sleeved blue jackets. There is a golden necklace swinging over his neck, they symbol at the end of the chain is a Treble music note. His shoes are always white, since that's all he has. Sometimes, he has a collar like necklace with a bell on it
Eye Color:Usually light brown. Changes to bright yellow in dark areas
Skin Tone:Light Skin
Physical Appearance & Clothing:
Elyx looks just as happy and fun-loving as his class brothers and sisters, especially with his natural cat-like grin that is usually equipped on his face. Many resemble him to a cat and even a young boy. He had big yellow eyes that glow in the night, which normally tends to scare off people, so he would normally wear a pair of sunglasses, which makes him almost blind at night. In the daytime, his eyes are considered adorable and cat-like, which tends to embarrass him. He had light brown hair as well, spiky in the front, but it slowly but surely tends to flatten as is goes down the scalp. He wears a red collar-like necklace around his neck with a small bell around his neck. At first, he didn't want to put up with it since his friends put it on him as a joke. But soon he began to walk around with the bells dingling happily, the smallest of sounds nurturing the boy. He is also a little bit short for his age, which adds onto the little boy sort of look.


Side: Pure
Speciality: Combatant
Why your character ended up with their speciality: Though he has precision with gun using, his muscles behind his blows are strong due to his heavy use of gun shooting, forcing his arms to have much strength to control the gun. Due to the shooting ranges, he also has had much experience with running targets and running while shooting. This gives him speed and power, perfect... For a Combatant.

Character level: 1

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PostSubject: Re: Elyx Reiaki   Thu Apr 16, 2015 10:32 pm

Looks good ^^ *smacks the approval stamp on face*
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Elyx Reiaki
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