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 Learning what's what (Solo)

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Elyx Reiaki


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PostSubject: Learning what's what (Solo)   Sat May 23, 2015 9:49 pm

Elyx placed his hands up in the air, the student in front of him was not giving the most welcoming of welcomes. He seemed to be trying to attack him, and that was not receiving a good reaction from Elyx. The violinist kept trying to avoid hits, little did he want to fight back, but how was he supposed to get out of this problem if he was going to keep taking hits? Stop! This is actually hurting! Elyx yelled as he blocked another attack, his arms getting sore. The boy still kept whaling on him, a snarl on his face. Shut it! I'm going to kill you over and over! The boy yelled as he continued to break through Elyx's arm defense. A powerhouse he was, but that did not mean he had any right to do this sort of thing. More temptation to strike back was rising in the violinist.

I did nothing to you! Why are you doing this!? The violinist asked, demanding his answer. Instead, he received another strong blow to his arm barrier. Hmph, you just so happen to be in my way. The boy said as he finally acted smart and kicked under Elyx's arms, striking the soft stomach. This was too much, the violinist did not want things to end with him in stitches. When the boy jumped into the air, Elyx snarled, now angry and ready to fight back. He grabbed his Violin case from behind his back, aimed it upwards, and when he saw the chance, swung the case as hard as he could upwards. The hard case hit the nose of the boy and caused blood to be shed, heavy amounts of it to. Argh! My nos- Shut up! Elyx yelled as he kicked the boy over, inflicting pain to the hip of the boy. Wow... I tried to tell you, I did nothing to you. Until now, now you can try to hit me.
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Learning what's what (Solo)
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