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 Elyx Reiaki

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Elyx Reiaki


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PostSubject: Elyx Reiaki   Fri Apr 17, 2015 10:21 pm

The Mirror Boy
Elyx's Past


The main thing that anyone must know about Elyx is that he is a Christian. Therefore, rebelling against God is not an option for him, he never will even think of it. He was born and raised as a boy who loved music, chocolate, and the Bible. He is the son of Jai Reikai,  who is a Banker and has made many rivals using many connections of Accel Inc and Felcia Inc, and quickly became the number one bank in Shibuya. Due to this, the man made a lot of enemies, and a few bounties have been made on his life. None of them were successful, but the boy, Elyx, ended up having to live his life with a father who always had his life on the line. He was sheltered his whole life, living it as if he were safe the whole time. Elyx was an all A student with average charisma and a huge love for music and chocolate. Everyday ever since he was fve, he took a huge interest in playing the Violin. When he was 10, his father took him out to the shooting range, and that was when he developed his love for gun. When he was 14 years old, he began to learn that there are many threats in the world, and kept a pistol in his backpack for self-defense, little did he know that would haunt him in the future.

Fear: When the boy was 7 years old, he has his first fear in life. He was swimming in the rivers alone, but that was when a branch caught up onto his foot and held him down in the water. Drowning, there was no escape since he was only seven years old. Eventually, he ws unable to break free from this and he was knocked out. His brain was still functioning though, and a lady found him drowning and pulled him up and out of the water. Certified for C.P.R, she was able to save the life of the boy, but at this time, he was still so young. Too young to handle the fact that he was dead and then returned back to life. What's worse, when the lady told him how she saved his life, he felt like maybe it was just better if he were not saved. But now the mental scars pain him to this very day. In the afterlife, though he lose his memories, he will still show hint of fear to water, phobia's being unaffected by the memory loss.

Demise: When he was 17, the banks decided to invest their money on a a Bounty Hunter, this time, they put a high price on the life of Elyx. For three days the boys actions were observed before the demise of the boy happened. When Elyx was walking home from the forest, he ended up getting mugged by the Bounty Hunter and his backpack was stolen. This was the moment the Violinist took to try to fight the hunter, but he was not really used to fighting with his body, mainly relying on his gun. Sure, he had speed due to his Violin and power to control gun shooting, but this was a abounty hunter. Barely any damage was inflicted. Finally, the hunter found the gun and the boy surrendered by putting his hands up, little did he know that he had bounty on his head. One shot to the stomach to make him suffer, the next one was sent to the head.

Elyx is back and sees himself in the Afterlife, with no memories on events that happened to the past. His appearance even changed as well, and his knapsack had a few items in it as well. His Violin, a Bible, and a picture of how he looked like when he was alive. Unfortunately, none of this strikes his memories. In fact, when he looked at the photo, he says out loud, "Who is this guy? He seems... nice."
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Elyx Reiaki
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