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 Stats: What are they and how to get them

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PostSubject: Stats: What are they and how to get them   Fri Apr 17, 2015 10:39 pm


What are they? And what are they for?

Stats are a way of keeping track of how able your character is when it comes to certain activities during RP, both social threads and operation threads. Unlike other sites, stats on AB!RP do not mean you have to make any calculations to work anything out when posting, they are just to help display the abilities of your character. For example if you were in a social thread and as a joke you and another RP character were having a running race, your stats (in this case, agility) would probably determine who would naturally win, however they do not determine everything as it is RP and therefore out comes may vary depending on the choices of the ones behind the characters.

Stats are counted in points, read below for more information on how to earn more points.

How can you get more stat points?

The way you can earn most is by levelling up which you can find the guide to here:
Depending on the level you reach, the more stat points you ear as shown in the thread linked above.

The other way to earn stat points is to complete a 2 page minimum, proper ending, topic with a teacher of the subject relating to the stat you want to gain. One thread like this will give you +5 to the related stat.

Sometimes stat points can also be earned is through certain operations, however this is only possible on certain opperations and quite rare. If stat points are available in a job, the application/ information form for the desired job will inform you of it.

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Stats: What are they and how to get them
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