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 Stats registration template

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PostSubject: Stats registration template   Fri Apr 17, 2015 5:09 pm


Stats are used to represent your characters strength, agility,
endurance level etc. these stats will stay with your character until
your character levels up. Read this to know about the character
levels and the stat points.

You will divide your stats into these fields:-

- Strength: your characters natural strength.
- Agility: The average speed of your character and their physical capabilities.
- Endurance: State here how much damage your character can take.
- Combat: Your characters combat related coordination. How good are they at hand to hand combat, write it here in points.
- Defense skills: Your characters defensive skills.
- Intelligence: The natural intelligence your character possesses.
- Attack power: When welding a weapon, how much damage can their attacks cause, write it down here.
- Health: your characters natural health. Keep in mind that when you are in an operation and get injured, your health will lower. After the thread is over, your health will return back to its normal point.

All characters will start with total stat points of 50. Given below is an example of how the template should be filled out


[center][size=16][b][u](Name)'s Stats[/u][/b][/size][/center]

[b][u]Specialty:[/u][/b] (Mention your specialty here along with the extra stat points. E.g. Ninja [+6 Agility, +4 Attack Power]

[b]Defense skills: [/b]
[b]Intelligence: [/b]
[b]Attack power:[/b] 
[b]Health: [/b]

[b]Total stats:[/b] (Add the extra stat points you get from your specialty to 50)
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Stats registration template
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