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 Affiliate [Sides]

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PostSubject: Affiliate [Sides]   Tue Apr 07, 2015 9:24 pm

The Light side and the Dark. These are the two sides from which people choose their paths. Some crave out a happy ending for themselves and some dig out the happiness and keep the sorrow, pain and regret. These two sides can simply be described by saying, the Light is what motivates people to become better human beings, Darkness is what swallows you until you give in. But is there any light side or dark side in this world, in the world after death?


The tainted side is that which fights against The Angel. Tired, angry and aggrieved over their life before death, these people want revenge, revenge against God himself. The way their lives progressed in the living world was what they wanted freedom from, yet they ended up here. In another world to live another miserable life.

Pure are the ones who choose to side with Angel. They are not against God. They have their own reason to choose God, maybe because they think He gave them another chance at life or maybe something else.
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Affiliate [Sides]
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