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 The Warning System

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The System

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PostSubject: The Warning System   Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:35 am


It is a very simple system, simply put into place to ensure that no one breaks the rules of the site. Each time you have broken a rule a member of staff will send you a PM with the details. Each time you break a rule the staff keep a tally, so do not try to fool anyone.
The punishments for breaking rules are as follows.

~When you break one rule it is a warning

~Break a rule twice within the space of two weeks and it is a one day ban minimum

~When breaking three rules a one week ban minimum is issued

~Break a rule four times and it is a one month ban at the minimum

~If you break a rule five times, it is then a four month ban minimum

~And for those willing to break more than five rules will be permanently banned from the site.

There can be exceptions to there rules, for example the punishments could be extended depending on the severity of the broken rule, or a level of warning may be skipped.

In defence of someone about to be permanently banned, a court system will be set up on special occasion if requested. This is where the site founder, an admin, a moderator and a single chat box moderator all gather together with the 'rule breaker' to discuss their issues and how they can be fixed before a permanent ban is put in place. The breaker of rules is also allowed to invite one member of the site to join the discussion and speak on their behalf. However this will only be done in severe or requested cases.

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The Warning System
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