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 Code Of Conduct

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PostSubject: Code Of Conduct   Mon Mar 23, 2015 9:43 pm


1. Respect all members of the staff team at all times and do not be disrespectful or bad mouth them.

2. Please respect the fellow members of the community and be polite as you can, remember we are one big family.

3. This is not a mature themed site, therefore only mild cursing is allowed and mature topics between characters are not permitted. This is a PG 13+ site, please keep that in mind.

4. Spamming and advertising other sites (name use and conversational topics and links) will not be tolerated in the chat box (please use the proper forum sections if you wish to do these things).

5. Offensive/ Harmful terms and phrases are forbidden, racism and any other form of exclusion or bullying will be acted upon straight away.

6. Emoticons are allowed to be used in OOC areas of the site and the chat box however spamming is not allowed once again. Do not use them in IC areas either.

7. Understand that there is a punishment system in current effect which has penalties such as a chat box ban and even a permanent ban, be sure to follow the rules as to avoid any punishments.

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Code Of Conduct
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