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 Official GFX Shop~

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PostSubject: Official GFX Shop~   Thu Mar 05, 2015 12:16 pm

Welcome one and all to the official GFX shop of AB-RP! 
Here you can request for avatars, signatures and even approval stamps for mods and admins! YAY! 

And please make sure that your FC is registered right here before requesting.

And guess what, it's free. So just fill out the template below!

[b]Username:[/b] (Your username)
[b]Request:[/b] (What do you want? An avatar? a signature? or maybe an approval stamp?)
[b]face Claim and Anime:[/b] (Your characters FC and from which anime he/she is. Please register your FC before requesting)
[b]Preferences:[/b] (Any specific color you want)
[b]Image:[/b] (Is there any particular image you want me to use?)
[b]Extra:[/b] (Would you like anything extra? Like a quote maybe)

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Official GFX Shop~
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