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 Character History Rules

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PostSubject: Character History Rules   Fri Apr 17, 2015 9:32 pm


Please keep the following rules in mind when you are writing your registration for your characters history. You can find the template for the registration here

1) When you are planning your character history, you must not stray from the registration template. You have to fill in all of the said items and you may not add any extra items in to the template, just write what it tells you to.

2) Be original. This cannot be stressed enough. To make a half decent RP character you have to be a little creative. Dont copy one of the canon deaths and lives, no matter how good they are. This isn't a strict rule, instead it is just here as to ensure you and others have a pleasant RP experience here

3) Please be realistic, don't write a history like, "Bob was abducted by aliens and killed" it has to be something that could actually happen. You'd be surprised by the amount of people who don't follow this rule

4) Try to stick with the theme of Angel Beats, remember if you are tainted it means you have probably have a pretty bad life and you are rebelling against 'God'. However if you are pure, you are trying to show others their lives could be better. Keep that in mind.

5) Remember this is a semi-realistic RP site in the fact that there is not literal 'magic' -just the wonders of God- so your character cannot be anything like a werewolf or a supernatural being. Everyone was and still is a human here in the Afterlife, and in their previous life.

6) Try to make it lengthy if possible, this is not a requirement but by doing so your character will be better developed as you understand them more. Others will also be able to get a detailed glimpse of your characters past. We suggest a minimum of 500 words, but this section is really up to you as character histories are not a required form to fill and are simply optional.

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Character History Rules
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