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 Quintonn A Greene WIP

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Quintonn Greene


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PostSubject: Quintonn A Greene WIP   Thu Apr 16, 2015 11:39 pm

Quintonn Alysin Greene

General Information:

Name: Quintonn Greene
Nickname/s: Quinn, Ryder or know by friends as Dumbass
Age: 17
Gender: Female (Cross Dresses as a guy)
Sexuality: Bi
Birthday: July 22nd
Special Characteristics: Never seen without some kind of item to ride.
Death: Quinn passed away during a local snowboarding tournament where she made a jump too fast and hit her head into a tree branch, impaling her.

Personality:(Write a minimum of 400 words here, which must include a paragraph of how your character behaves inside of battle and another, outside of battle)
- Quinn loves any kind of sport that requires a board or bat.
- She loves to play the drums whenever she can.
- She likes to have fun by breaking things.
- She has a distaste for following the rules.
- She hates it when she has to sit still or stand idly by.
- Quinn hates it when people touch her stuff.
- She wants to slow down eventually and get a grip on life... or death.
- She wants to be the greatest boarder alive. (Be it surf, snow or skate)
- She also wants to be a great boxer one day.
- Quinn will scream if she ever sees a snake near her or her equipment.
- She is afraid of the dark, which is funny because how tough she acts.
- She is afraid of dying (again even though she will get better), but she uses that fear for excitement.

Characters Appearance:

Height: 5'3
Weight: 93 lbs
Hair color & Style: She has shoulder length hair that is usually parted from her face.
Eye Color: She has Reddish brown eyes.
Skin Tone: Light Skinned
Physical Appearance & Clothing: Quinn wears a blue tee shirt and a black overshirt that hides her arms most times. She wears saggy jeans with chains hanging onto her belt loops with a pair of black converse. She usually has her huge black beanie on her head.


Side: Tainted
Speciality: Distraction
Why your character ended up with their speciality: Quinn loves to cause a little bit of mischief now and again and loves to have a good thrill every now and again. As a member of the distraction unit she gets to cause both mischief and take on the thrills of distracting people dangerous.

Character level: (All new characters start at level 1)
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Quintonn A Greene WIP
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