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 Character Rules

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PostSubject: Character Rules   Thu Apr 16, 2015 1:44 pm

When you are making your character using the registration forms and role playing your character please ensure you follow these rules. If not then you will be sure to be pulled up on your faults and possibly receive a warning.

-No Mary-sue, or Gary-stu for a male, characters (This is a character who is overly perfect. These characters are nearly invincible, multi-talented to the extreme, and loved by everyone supposedly) These characters are truly the worst, just like normal humans, characters have their flaws, please be sure to include some. If you need help with this take a look at this link:

-You cannot make a character that is supposedly super strong, amazing in battle, and very resistant to all attacks etcetera. If you want a character like this then you have to earn it through levelling up and your speciality choice, with stat points.

-On this site you may not RP cannon characters, such as Yui or Hinata. The only cannon character we have on this site is controlled by trusted, high members of staff. The character is Kanade Tachibana A.K.A Angel. All other canon characters are forbidden to be RPed. However the use of canon face claims are allowed (apart from Angel).

-Trolling characters or accounts solely made for advertising purposes are forbidden and staff will not hesitate to ban them after discussing the circumstances with the site owner at given account.

-This may seem like an unusual rule as the reason for it existing is rare, however characters who are racist in anyway or offensive to people like that will be warned. We understand your character may not be a nice person, but be careful when it comes to touchy subjects, you dont want to hurt any of the RPers. (Try not to worry about this rule too much, the cases of it are rare and the staff will always check if something is offensive, which it has a 1 in a million chance of being.
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Character Rules
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