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 Specialities Information

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PostSubject: Specialities Information    Tue Apr 14, 2015 11:34 am

-The role of a teacher is for those with older characters (All ages 19 and above), teachers can be asigned to watch over a given squadron or be put in charge of teaching specialities -limited positions.
+5 intelligence, +10 whatever stat relates to the subject you are teaching (member of staff will tell you)
Position available

- Characters who will be in charge of weapon care and creation, this includes gathering materials. Because of their good understanding of weapons they are also quite good in battle. They are naturally stronger than most.
+4 strength, +2 intelligence, +4 combat
Position available

- Only the smartest of people are specialized as members of the intelligence group, they are often relied on by others to work out the safest routes, the squadrons left over money, and tactics of their enemies ect. Due to their wide range of knowledge they also have small benefits in battle.
+8 intelligence +1 Defence skill +1 Endurance
Position available

- Diversions are characters who do not fight traditionally however this does not mean they are not allowed to do so. They are in charge of distracting the enemies and helping their squadron acomplish their goals.
+4 agility + 3 Defence skill +1 Attack power +2 intelligence
Position available

- Fearless fighters and resistant warriors are specialized as being a combatant, this is because everyone can rely on them to fight with power, not reason, enabling to (hopefully) get the job done.
+5 Defence skill +5 Attack power
Position available

- Those who are speedy both in battle and operations are assigned as ninjas. They are the ones who usually, silently assassinate and are best when sent out on solo missions, therefore might not always be the most social and out going of characters.
+6 Agility, +4 Attack power
Position available

- A cook is a character who has to supply the other people in their squadron/ side with food, the food boosts the HP of the one who ate it therefore this is a vital role in battle, best when they work along side Medics. Depending on the cooks level, the more people they can feed quicker.
+2 Agility, +3 intelligence, +5 Health
Position available

- A character in charge of looking after those around them when in battle, tending to wounds as to ensure the others heal as soon as possible to increase the fighters and chance of winning. Depending on the medics level, the more people they can heal efficiently. Usually, this speciality is for the kinder, caring characters.
+5 health, +2 Endurance, +3 Intelligence
Position available
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Specialities Information
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